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” I was born as a Colombian orphan. My adopted parents were able to get my twin as well. Three years later, they went and got another little boy from the same orphanage. Yet, even given that gift of love, for me, I did not make growing up in Pennsylvania very easy for myself.

I struggled with being abandoned and an orphan from Colombia. With the issues of identity, love, and what a “home” meant, I became very angry with God. When I arrived at college, I strayed farther away from the Truth and found myself in the ways of the world very much so.

Part of my story now deals with the small but mighty example of a little boy named ‘Trayvon’. Junior year of college, I chose to invest in the life of ‘Trayvon’ through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. I had always enjoyed children because I was a big kid at heart myself. I still am! I just did not know that children could change my life. He was so angry and not doing well in school, but as I continued to pursue the difficult relationship, God molded both of us. He is a happy boy doing better in school with a great attitude, and he taught me about love, forgiveness, and the joy of life even in pain. After 9 months of living the luxurious life in Washington DC, I moved back to Beaver Falls, which I thought was on my own accord. That is when the Lord truly started working in me.

I visited my friends at TRAILS Ministries one day landing me a job doing media communications. I was totally unaware that it was not only a Christian organization, but that they also worked in the prison. Slowly the Lord began placing people in my life and having me work not just in media communications, but in the jail, which changed my life as I began to see what life was like without Christ.

The Lord grabbed hold of my heart filling it with His compassion. In January 2013, a friend had asked me to join her and one other couple to move to Central/Latin America to become missionaries. The final decision of total transformation to follow Christ arrived and the Lord asked, “Jamie. Do you love me?” (which as I stated before, I struggled with love). “If you love Me, you will do this. You either choose Me, or you choose death.”

As I pondered this question and what the Lord had been working on with me, I realized a few things. Christ’s love covers all. I couldn’t accept any other love or understand it, until I understood that Christ’s love is the one to heal the broken and make me who I am. His love is extravagant and intoxicating! Jeremiah 31:3  “I have loved you with an everlasting love, therefore I have continued by faithfulness to you.”

Second, pain concealed is pain unhealed. You got to talk about things else, they fester inside of you becoming toxic and are actually more painful if you keep them hidden! God can take care of everything; He is in control through the hurts and the joys. Eph. 4-we support one another in love, unity, how we can become mature in our faith, but also when we do speak, we do not speak any unwholesome talk, we speak in truth and in love!

Third, It doesn’t matter where you feel like being placed with adoption, the Lord has it planned out. He is watching over the little children of the world and places them where they need placed! Even though my adoption felt unnatural at first, it’s the adoption as God’s child that really counts! Letting go of the fears I had, I was called by God to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with my God according to Micah 6:8.

I am now currently in Costa Rica for some language studies and headed to Panama in May 2015! I am excited for all that He has done and will continue to do. Thank you everyone for your open doors, love, prayer, and financial support. I couldn’t be where I am today with your love of God and support.

Dios te bendiga!/God bless you!”

You can follow Jamie on facebook and EFCA on twitter

You can even e-mail her jamie.gessner@efca.org

To support her financially go to http://www.tinyurl.com/SupportGessner or

Make payable to EFCA and write Gessner IMA #2025 on the memo line, include a note indicating whether you will send as a monthly gift or just one time, and send to:  


901 E. 78th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55420

unnamedSanding and painting desks to take to a remote Indian village in Costa Rica


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