We believe that your tithes are for your local church.  We will accept your offerings, for us to reach our community and show them that “We Love You And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It”

We are pleased that you would like to give of your finances, an offering, into our ministry.  Thank you for your offering may God multiply it back unto you.

We are so thankful that you have listened to The Word, to sow into ministries for the perpetuation of the Gospel. Your offering helps us do the ministry that God has told us to do in the world.

Non-monetary donations need to be addressed by calling the ministries office at 724-774-4088 and please leave a message.

Please choose one of the following to donate to.

F2F General Fund

PayPal Donate Button


F2F Building Fund

PayPal Donate Button


You may also send an Offering by mail to:

Faith 2 Faith Ministries
307 E. Washington St.
Rochester,PA  15074

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